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Dr. Oladayo Awoyale

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Kwara State Ministry of Health

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Deputy State Epidemiologist



Oladayo David Awoyale

Hospital Practices and Research


Abstract Background: The health of healthcare workers (HCWs) is an indicator of the quality of health service provision during the COVID-19 pandemic. O bjectives: This study aimed to describe the symptomatology and positivity of COVID-19 infection and the type of COVID-19 care received among HCWs in a North-Central State in Nigeria. Methods: This was a retrospective review of HCWs tested for COVID-19 as retrieved from the Surveillance Outbreak Response Management System between April 2020 and March 2021 in Kwara State, Nigeria. Results:Among the 1453 HCWs, 831 (57.2%) were above 35 years, and 874 (60.2%) were females. Among the 259 HCWs who tested positive forCOVID-19, 122 (23.8%) lived in urban areas (χ2 = 13.94, P ≤ 0.001). Also,83 (30.7%) of symptomatic persons tested positive for COVID-19 (χ 2 = 37.766, P ≤ 0.001). Overall, 33 (12.7%) of the 259 positive HCWs received hospital-based COVID-19 care, and 33 (16.1%) who had less than 2 symptoms received hospital-based COVID-19 care (χ 2 = 9.962, P = 0.002). HCWs who had cough had three times odds of testing positive for COVID-19 (OR = 3.299, 95% CI = 1.571–6.927, P = 0.002). Also, HCWs who manifested loss of taste had three times odds of testing positive for COVID-19 (OR = 3.392, 95% CI = 1.010–11.393, P = 0.048). Conclusion: COVID-19 testing should be encouraged among HCWs, especially those with cough symptoms and loss of taste. Keywords: COVID-19, Health Workers, Home Care, Symptoms, Nigeria