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The EDCTP Alumni Network

The Alumni Network fosters extensive networking among Fellows and the research community, providing easy access to profiles, tracking career progress, and meticulously evaluating the impact of our fellowship programme.

Join us at the biennial EDCTP Forum, where "Fellow’s Day" unites current and former Fellows for face-to-face networking, captivating research presentations, and inspiring discussions on developing scientific leaders in Africa, and together, we shape the future of global health and innovation.

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Fellowship programmes

To build scientific leadership and ownership in sub-Saharan Africa, EDCTP provides fellowship support at all career stages. These schemes provide opportunities for promising researchers to establish careers in the region, while having the advantage of links to regional and international networks and access to cutting-edge technology and the latest scientific thinking.

These fellowships are part of the broader EDCTP strategy to support development of African health research capacity which also include investments to support four regional Networks of Excellence and activities that strengthen the necessary ethical, regulatory and legal frameworks of clinical research.

Since the start of the first programme (2003-2015), EDCTP has invested in support for individual African researchers throughout their entire career trajectory. A set of graduate and post-doctoral fellowship opportunities was developed, from early career preparatory fellowships to senior fellowships which support clinical research team building and mentorship.


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Senior Fellowships Plus

Objective: To support the capacity development of emerging African research leaders to mentor junior researchers with emphasis on hands-on research training aligned with clinical trial activities in Sub-Saharan Africa.


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Senior Fellowships

Objective: To empower seasoned researchers to become leaders in clinical product development and related fields while simultaneously training and mentoring junior researchers.


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Career Development Fellowships

Objective: To support early to mid-career scientists to enhance their clinical research skills, offering a platform for talented individuals to establish themselves as independent researchers and team leaders.


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Clinical Research and Development Fellowships

Objective: To provide researchers and essential members of clinical research teams with the opportunity to gain technical and project skills in clinical R&D through placements in pharmaceutical companies, PDPs, and CROs


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EDCTP-AREF Preparatory Fellowships

Objective: To strengthen the competitiveness of emerging post-doctoral scientists and clinicians from sub-Saharan Africa aspiring to secure international, regional, or national fellowships or grant support.


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Female PhD Fellowships

Objective: Facilitate the training and development of female PhD candidates in Africa within the EDCTP Regional Networks of Excellence, fostering their growth into future research leaders. This initiative aims to address geographical disparities in research capacity across sub-Saharan Africa.


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Epidemiology and biostatistics Fellowships

Objective: To establish an African cohort of epidemiologists by supporting institutions in sub-Saharan Africa and Europe that provide master’s training in epidemiology and biostatistics, as part of the Africa CDC’s framework for public health workforce development. This fellowship program will further enhance the public health workforce capacity in NPHIs and National Ministries of Health to better enable them to respond timely to disease outbreaks.


Providing evidence based research for key populations

Through the EDCTP Alumni Network, EDCTP ensures a well-balanced project portfolio across the programme’s scope of disease areas. The funded fellowship activities strategically align with EDCTP priorities, particularly focusing on niche areas essential for developing medical interventions for key populations with significant unmet medical needs.


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