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Call Senior Fellowship (SF)
Programme EDCTP1
Start Date 2012-11-01
End Date 2015-04-30
Project Code TA.2011.40200.047
Status Completed


Evaluating pharmacokinetic interactions between artemisinin-based therapies and rifampicin-based tuberculosis treatment in African patients


To investigate drug interactions between antimalarial and anti TB drugs with the overall goal of developing co-treatment strategies for malaria and TB co-infection

Host Organisation

Institution Country
Makerere University Uganda


Name Institution Country
Abdulrazaq Habib Bayero University Nigeria
Saye Khoo University of Liverpool United Kingdom
Concepta Merry University of Dublin Ireland
Pauline Byakika-Kibwika Makerere University Uganda
Robert Balikuddembe Makerere University Uganda
Andrew Kambugu Makerere University Uganda
Lydia Nakiyingi Makerere University Uganda
Alphonse Okwera Makerere University Uganda
Joel Tarning Mahidol University Thailand

Study Design

Pharmacokinetic study


Mulago National Teaching and Referral Hospital, Kampala (Uganda)
Bayero University Kano (Nigeria)


Seden K, Khoo S, Back D, Prevatt N, Lamorde M, Byakika-Kibwika P, Mayito J,Ryan M, Merry C. Drug-drug interactions between antiretrovirals and drugs used in the management of neglected tropical diseases: important considerations in the WHO 2020 Roadmap and London Declaration on Neglected Tropical Project Porftolio Page 357 of 622 Diseases. AIDS. 2013 Mar 13;27(5):675-86.
Lamorde M, Byakika-Kibwika P, Mayito J, Nabukeera L, Ryan M, Hanpithakpong W, Lefèvre G, Back DJ, Khoo SH, Merry C. Lower artemether, dihydroartemisinin and lumefantrine concentrations during rifampicin-based tuberculosis treatment. AIDS. 2013 Mar 27;27(6):961-5.
Lamorde M, Walimbwa S, Byakika-Kibwika P, Katwere M, Mukisa L, Sempa JB, Else L, Back DJ, Khoo SH, Merry C (2015) Steady-state pharmacokinetics of rilpivirine under different meal conditions in HIV-1-infected Ugandan adults. Antimicrobial Chemotherapy; 70: 1482-1486

Current Organisation

Infectious Diseases Institute, Makerere University

Current Job Title

Head of Department, Prevention Care and Treatment Program

Students Supervised

Type Name Title University Start Date End Date


Role Committee/board Start Date End Date
Advisory board member Advisory Board Hiv-druginteractions.org 2012
Chair International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research Africa Network 2018


Institution Degree Year
, United Kingdom
Royal College of Physicians of London, United Kingdom FRCP 2017-03-31

Areas Of Specialisation

Human Immuno-deficiency Virus (HIV) Tuberculosis (TB) Neglected Infectious Diseases (NID)




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