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Call Career Development Fellowship (CDF)
Programme EDCTP1
Start Date 2006-11-21
End Date 2008-11-20
Project Code TA.2005.40203.006
Status Completed


Identification of Plasmodium falciparum parasite virulence markers for the evaluation of the impact of malaria control intervention according to the local parasite populations


To perform the combined epidemiological, clinical and genetic analysis (gene mapping of several loci of P. falciparum whole-genome and genotyping human haemoglobin) to identify parasite and human genetic markers associated with higher risk of severe disease (including cerebral malaria, severe malaria related anaemia, convulsion and hyperparasitaemia) compared to uncomplicated malaria (UCM)

Host Organisation

Institution Country
University of Buea Cameroon


Name Institution Country
Eric Akum Achidi University of Buea Cameroon
Ogobara Doumbo University of Bamako Mali
Albert Same Ekobo University of Yaoundé Cameroon
Peter Kremsner University of Tübingen Germany
Christophe Rogier Research Unit in Parasite Biology and Epidemiology France

Study Design

Cohort study


University of Bamako, Mali
Research Unit in Parasite Biology and Epidemiology, France
University of Tübingen, Germany

Results & Outcomes

956 malaria patients were recruited from September 2007 to January 2009. Most of the data concerning the age, the sex, the clinical phenotype, the biological data and the clinical outcome was collected. The verification of the data bases was completed in the participating countries of Cameroon, Gabon and Mali. The project enabled the grantee to set up molecular epidemiology expertise in the institution’s laboratory and he consequently got a lecturer position at the University of Douala in Cameroon.

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