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Call Senior Fellowship (SF)
Programme EDCTP1
Start Date 2010-05-14
End Date 2012-05-14
Project Code TA.2009.40200.005
Status Completed


Evolution of neutralizing antibodies among acute to early HIV Subtype C infected individuals in Botswana: one year longitudinal study.


To characterise the evolution of neutralising antibodies against HIV-1 subtype C gp 120 molecular envelope clones from acute/and early heterosexual acquired HIV-1 subtype C infections in Botswana

Host Organisation

Institution Country
University of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
BHP Botswana


Name Institution Country
Rosemary Musonda Botswana Harvard Partnership (BHP) Botswana
Max Essex Harvard United States
Joseph Makhema Botswana Harvard Partnership (BHP) Botswana

Study Design

Prospective cohort study on the evolution of neutrolising antibodies in HIV –C



Phd Study

Title University Start Date End Date
Evolution of HIV-1C neutralizing antibodies in individuals during acute and early infection in Botswana University of Botswana 2011-03-01 2014-10-11

Students Supervised

Type Name Title University Start Date End Date
PhD Kaebetswe Bedi Dr University of Botswana 2011 2014
MSc Sheron Dzoro Miss University of Botswana 2011 2012

Results & Outcomes

Using stored samples collected from 72 HIV-infected patients in 2005- 2008, 50 plasma samples were analysed. Results so far show that broadly neutralizing antibodies are indeed present during pregnancy and at selected time points during the course of infection in the case of acute and recently infected individuals. Most plasmas have 50% neutralizing capacity, but the majority fail to exhibit 90% neutralisation. There was no strong inhibition of IN93, an HIV-1C strain similar to the predominant subtype C in the region. There is potential of identifying samples that show broad inhibition of various virus strains; with some samples showing high inhibition of subtype B (BR92).

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