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Call Senior Fellowship (SF)
Programme EDCTP1
Start Date 2009-09-29
End Date 2011-09-29
Project Code TA.2008.40200.016
Status Completed


A randomised controlled trial of oral iron therapy for treatment of postmalaria iron-deficiency anaemia in Malawian children com paring immediate post-discharge versus delayed treatment on iron uptake and haematological response


To determine whether delaying oral iron therapy in post-malaria iron deficiency anaemia for at least two weeks improves iron absorption and reduces the risk of iron-induced intestinal inflammation

Host Organisation

Institution Country
University of Malawi Malawi


Name Institution Country
Patrick van Rheenen University Medical Center Groningen Netherlands
Feiko ter Kuile University of Liverpool United Kingdom
Sarah White Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome Trust Research Programme Malawi

Study Design

Phase IV trial: Evaluation of different forms of oral iron for treatment of post malaria iron deficiency anaemia


Ndirande Health centre; Zomba Central hospital, Malawi


Glinz, D., Kamiyango, M., Phiri, K. S., Munthali, F., Zeder, C., Zimmermann, M. B., … Wegmüller, R. (2014). The effect of timing of iron supplementation on iron absorption and haemoglobin in post-malaria anaemia: a longitudinal stable isotope study in Malawian toddlers. Malaria Journal, 13, 397. http://doi.org/10.1186/1475-2875-13-397

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