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Call Senior Fellowship (SF)
Programme EDCTP1
Start Date 2010-05-01
End Date 2012-05-01
Project Code TA.2009.40200.023
Status Completed


Building Research Infrastructure and Capacity to Implement an HIV/STD Prevention Trial in Post-Conflict Liberia


To support research infrastructure, training and partnerships to prevent HIV/AIDS in rural Liberia and to implement and evaluate an HIV/AIDS programme for high risk rural youth in post-conflict Liberia.

Host Organisation

Institution Country
University of Liberia Liberia

Study Design

Prospective cohort

Results & Outcomes

HIV and STI baseline data have been collected in post-conflict Liberia. A total of 118 males and 132 females (n=250) were initially enrolled into the programs. The 3-month follow-up survey was administered to 115 males and 126 females (n=241) in both programs from the four communities, thus constituting an overall retention rate of 96% (i.e. attrition rate 4%). The 9-month follow-up survey was administered to 111 males and 113 female (n=224), constituting an overall retention rate of 90% (i.e. attrition rate 10%), respectively.


Atwood KA, Kennedy SB, Shamblen S, Tegli J, Garber S, Fahnbulleh PW, Korvah PM, Kolubah M, Mulbah-Kamara C, Fulton S. Impact of school-based HIV prevention program in post-conflict Liberia. AIDS Education and Prevention. 2012;24(1): 68–77
Atwood KA, Kennedy SB, Shamblen S, Taylor CH, Quaqua M, Bee EM, Gobeh ME, Woods DV, Dennis B. Reducing sexual risk taking behaviors among adolescents who engage in transactional sex in post-conflict Liberia. Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies. 2012 Mar;7(1):55–65


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