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Call Career Development Fellowship (CDF)
Programme EDCTP2
Start Date 2021-01-01
End Date 2023-12-31
Project Code TMA2019CDF-2774
Status Active


Impact of seasonal malaria chemoprevention on the acquisition and maintenance of immunity against malaria among children in northern Benin (ISAMIMA)

Host Organisation

Institution Country
Université de Parakou Benin

Current Organisation

University of Parakou

Current Job Title

Associate Professor

Students Supervised

Type Name Title University Start Date End Date
1 Ooumarou Elija 7th year medicine University of Parakou 2016 2023


Role Committee/board Start Date End Date


Institution Degree Year
University Pierre Marie Curi, France PhD 2015-12-15

Areas Of Specialisation





Azizath Moussiliou
Name Country Institution
Ahouansou Charles Benin University of Parakou
• Determine the impact of treatment on the acquisition of anti-malarial antibodies in children before, during and after the intervention • Determine the impact of treatment on functionality of anti-malarial antibodies in children before, during and after the intervention • Determine the prevalence of malarial infection in children under five years of age living in northern Benin before, during and after seasonal malaria chemoprevention
Children will be enrolled in household
Study Design:
This is a cross-sectional study on children aged 6 to 59 months with/without SMC in two villages in northern Benin. Sociodemographic and clinical data as well as repeated blood samples will be collected from 400 children (before, during and after treatment). Samples will be analyzed using a Luminex assay to investigate antibody responses to MSP, AMA1 and PfEMP1. The functional activity of antibodies will be assessed using receptor binding assay. RTPCR will be used to detect the prevalence of malaria at this period and the repertoire of var gene transcripts of parasites infecting children
Children at Cobly and Tchaourou
The study will determine the impact of SMC on the development of children’s anti-malarial immunity. It will also identify parasite variants capable of infecting children following treatment. The information collected will help in surveillance efforts of SMC.
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EDCTP Senior Fellowship grant
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