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Call Senior Fellowship (SF)
Programme EDCTP2
Start Date 2019-02-01
End Date 2023-12-31
Project Code TMA2017SF-1960
Status Active


Effect of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) on immune responses systemically and mucosally in healthy individuals in the CAPRISA 082 study- (PrEP Underlying Mucosal-immunity Before/After - PUMBA)

Host Organisation

Institution Country
South Africa

Current Organisation

Centre for the AIDS programme of Research in South Africa

Current Job Title


Students Supervised

Type Name Title University Start Date End Date
Honours Bhekumndeni Dube Mr University of KwaZulu-Natal 2019 2019
Honours Thevani Pillay Ms University of KwaZulu-Natal 2016 2016
Honours Ross Cromarty Mr University of KwaZulu-Natal 2014 2014
Masters Kimone Leigh Fisher Mrs University of KwaZulu-Natal 2016 2017
Masters Ross Cromarty Mr University of KwaZulu-Natal 2016 2018
Masters Thevani Pillay Ms University of KwaZulu-Natal 2017 2018
Masters Sahil Tulsi Mr iversity of KwaZulu-Natal 2014 2016


Role Committee/board Start Date End Date
Reviewer Life Sciences Elsevier 2019
Regular Reviewer Bentham 2019


Institution Degree Year
University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa PhD 2012-04-08

Areas Of Specialisation

Human Immuno-deficiency Virus (HIV)


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