EDCTP Alumni Network

Fostering excellence and collaboration in the next generation of researchers

The EDCTP Regional Networks of Excellence facilitate regional collaboration by uniting diverse institutions that bring their individual strengths in skills based competencies and shared infrastructures for conducting clinical trials in areas such as GCP, GCLP, data management, laboratory techniques and epidemiology, to the network in the context of ongoing clinical research work. By collaborating, they learn and develop, and thereby raise the quality of clinical research and practice in sub-Saharan Africa. Each consortium, coordinated by a lead institution, comprises of three or more institutions from three or more African countries. All four regions of sub-Saharan Africa have their own NOEs.

Central Africa Clinical Research Network - CANTAM 2 Venture

In Central Africa, the Central African Network on TB, HIV/AIDS and malaria (CANTAM) joins institutions involved in clinical trials. The Network started its activities on 19 December 2008 .

West African Network for TB, AIDS and Malaria (WANETAM)

The West African Network on TB, AIDS and Malaria (WANETAM) builds capacity to prepare West African sites for clinical trials on HIV, TB and malaria. The network started its activities on 31 July 2009.

East African Consortium for Clinical Research (EACCR2)

The East Africa Consortium for Clinical Research (EACCR) strengthens clinical trial sites in Eastern Africa. The Network started 14 May 2009.

Trials of Excellence in Southern Africa (TESA)

The Trials of Excellence in Southern Africa (TESA) is a regional network established in 2009 under the first programme of the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP1), with the objectives to create a framework for collab...